Boutique Salon & Life Coaching
Beauty and Wisdom are within us all...
Jewelephant is a small boutique space that offers simple elegance along with quaint charm.  Once you walk through the door you feel right at home, without the stress.  Our salon may be small, but we are mighty. We strive to give you a beautiful salon experience with a little extra care.  Jewelephant offers salon services as well as coaching for your life. Come in, relax and let the stress of your day fade away..... 
Salon Services
Life Coaching
The belief at Jewelephant is that all hair services start with a conversation. Who you are is  just as important as what type of hair you have. For hair cuts, our goal is to work with you to find what best suits your style and your habits. Whether you are a wash and wear kind of person or you enjoy spending time styling your hair, together we will find a cut that best enhances your life.  Colour is about personality. Do you fancy being a bit bold or do you feel happiest when you look more natural, maybe not so natural that you see grey. We can enhance , alter completely or simply add a splash of colour, let your essence be the guide.   
Your life begins with you! Your goals, hopes and dreams. What could you do if you believed in your own infinate possibilities. Life coaching is an extraordinary way to get in touch with your personal power, as well as your inner wisdom. The choices you make each day shape the path that lies ahead, they can be overwhelming, difficult or just plaing confusing. Sometimes, all you need is a helpful hand, someone that will support you through those moments that cause a stand still on your journey. Lets clear clutter, set goals and follow your path to living your future. You can live your dreams!
jenni denison
owner/stylist/life coach
I have had the great pleasure of being in the beauty industry for over 17 years now. I began my journey at the Gene Juarez academy in Federal Way. Upon graduation I was able to accept an apprentice position with a hightly skilled technician who shared his passion for hair with me. In that Aveda salon I began building a clientele, most of who I am honored to call my friends today. I have had it said to me on many occations, "Jenni, you made me beautiful." I believe that beauty comes from within, my goal is to help enhance the beauty you already possess. I strive to work with you as a partner  to understand who you are and how you approach your hair.  Together, we will find the right cut and color to enhance your life and bring your inner beauty out.
I have been so honored to have people trust me with their stories on such a personal level that I recently embarked on a journey to further explore that dynamic. I chose to attend Seattle Life Coach training in 2014 and received my certificate in Life Coaching. I now have the ability to work with individuals on a deeper level, face to face. I am passionate about helping people find the answers they have within them to support their Life's Journey.